Posted: June 4, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Okay. I admit. I’ve been stalking lately [and even before!]. Stalking ppl whom I haven’t had a conversation with before, even once. But lemme say that they were at least  related to me. (Like a person from the past of my present. Got it?) Don’t get me wrong, ok. Stalking just means, checking their profile (Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr) even once in a while! Sometimes, it wasn’t really my intention to look for something. But whenever I view their profiles, I [always] see something suspicious. Automatically, I get mad without asking FIRST the person involved in the issue. I’m always like this, “TAMANG HINALA”. And then, I start fights. I sometimes blab things about it. I’m do the talking without thinking. Yes, I know it’s not right (and will never be). It’s [like] invading the privacy of  others.

I’m trying my best not to do [overdo] it. But gahdammit, I can’t help it. It’s been already in my system for years and yes, it’s hard to change.


TRY!  To Stop stalking irrelevant people cause it won’t bring me anything good. And when I say irrelevant people, I mean the hopeless cases.


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