Little Miss STUPID. XD

Posted: June 14, 2011 in Random

Lemme share you the story of my stupidity.



Stupid Act # 1: 1st day of class. Woke up around 5am. Prepared my things for school as well as myattire for the day. I wanted to feel comfy yet a bit girly so I decided to wear pants and blousefor my top. Pretty much excited  to see everyone especially beb.  I dressed up so nice to impress him.


— (Neng, 9 am pa kayo magkikita-kita ng mga kaklase mo. Ang aga mo ah? Di obvious na excited ka. Ang arte mo pa. Di ka magkandatuto sa kung anong isu-suot mo. Party pupuntahan mo? XD)


Stupid Act # 2: We wanted to go to school together but he has a class by 8am. So, we agreed to meet by 6am so we could still bond even for a while. BUT! The one who will be late will be punished. I knew he woke up late so I decided not to rush [‘cos I might wait too long]. Until my uncle spoke to me and we had a short talk. It was already 6:05 but I haven’t received a text from him. So I assumed that he is not yet ready. The short talk turned into long. It was already 6:15 and still, no sign from him. Until I decided to leave the house and just text him along the way.


— (Napasarap sa kwento, o sa KAIN? XD)

 I had tinapang tulingan, boiled egg, rice and coffee. Ahh~ Yummy!! :p~~


SUPER! Stupid Act # 3: I was already on the jeep and on my way to 7-11 [our meeting place]. I realized that it was only Tuesday [Wednesday is civilian attire day],  not a Summer class but a regular semester and that I SHOULD WEAR A SCHOOL UNIFORM!!! I STILL had the chance to leave the jeep because I wasn’t that far yet. BUT I DIDN’T LEAVE! I thought of seeing him first then go back home after. And so I did.


(Ne, andaling bumaba. Bat di ka pumara? Atat ka talaga lumadi ahh? Sa susunod kasi, bisitahin ang cabinet para ma-realize mong magu-uniform ka! XD)


— Yes, I could definitely be nominated [or awarded] for being the most stupid person on the first day of my LAST year in La Salle. I’ve been in this school for 4 years now, but I didn’t even remember these simple things which I’ve been doing almost everyday. I even thought of wearing a civilian attire AGAIN on Friday. Watdaheck. I’m not prepared for school yet. Haha! But ’twas a funny experience tho. Even my friends laughed at me for what I did. XD


“Si Tinini kasi, inu-una ang landi. Ayan tuloy, pamali-mali.” 


Oopth. XD



So, how’s yours? 😀



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