Posted: January 25, 2012 in ECE week

This photo is taken just awhile ago while I was waiting for my consultation time and them, waiting for their event.
I was one of the boys! But it didn’t feel awkward. I’ve already had a few “kulitan” “lokohan” with them before.
I just have to say that they are one the coolest boyfie’s friends I’ve ever met. Who would have thought that I could talk to them on chats and in the hallways without me being shy? They just made me feel, uhm let’s say, welcome. We get to laugh and send silly jokes/pranks without fearing that anyone may be offended (esp. w/ Rodg and Lee). They’re just so easy to get along with. Betcha, I’m lucky. 🙂
L-R: Pres, Rodg, Eurs trully, Bebi , Phord (did I spell right?), Master Lee, Tan, Fran, Jake and Jenny

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