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”You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world” (I John 4:4 NKJ).
Are you facing a situation today that seems impossible? Even if you don´t see how things will work out, remember, you are created to overcome. As a child of the Most High God, the Greater One lives on the inside of you. There are seeds of faith planted in your heart, and the way you activate those seeds is by the words of your mouth. Begin to declare, “I am bigger than this problem. I am created to overcome. I am destined to live in victory because the Greater One lives inside of me.”
Friend, when you start speaking like that, all of heaven hears you and gets behind what you are saying. That´s why it´s so important to stir up the fire that God has placed on the inside of you. Don´t just sit back and be passive. That obstacle may look impossible, but God wouldn´t have allowed it in your life if He didn´t already know that you could overcome it! Quit looking at your difficulties as obstacles that are going to hold you back and start looking at them as opportunities that are going to push you forward into the live of victory He has in store for you!
I just saw this in Tumblr and it really moved me. God has so many ways of reminding me that I should never ever give up. Just keep the faith. Surrender everything to Him and He will do the rest. He will never ever let you down. 🙂


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I got so amused of what was happening between DLSU-D and Jamich. I didn’t know it at first until my fellow lasallian posted a lot about negative whatsoever about them. Out of curiosity, I searched on Facebook and Twitter just to keep up with what’s going on.
There was this issue when Jamich posted on their Facebook account about Mariz of DLSU-D being unprofessional. This is because the said Mariz did I sudden cancellation of the gig that was about to happen in the school. Having that happened, Jamich got furious about that because they even cancelled a supposed-to-be gig on March 2 just as to perform on the DLSU-D event. Their post on their fan page got a lot of negative feedbacks not only from the DLSU-D community, but also to other people who find it disappointing or amusing as well.
This is the post where it started at all:
Clearly, it was a bad move to post in public, drop names and say negative about an institution. Even Papa Jack was against it. 
But that wasn’t this blog is all about. Because of me, being pakealamera and being so fed up with the issue, I decided to speak out but in a safe way. I used an old and fake account that I’ve been using before and let all my opinions and feelings about the issue out. Here it is:
I checked it out this morning and I was shock to see that it would get likes this much from different haters too. I find it funny because I was so pissed with them that I didn’t realize that I could even say all these words. But I meant every word I said. If they claim themselves as public figures, then they should know how to act in public. Who are they to drop names and fight the institution? Now all the lasallians (whether from DLSU-D or not) are against them.
Meanwhile, Kei was also pissed about the issue. She let all her feelings out on twitter. So I told her to use our other fake account so that Jamich can also read what she would like to say. At first, she didn’t want to do it yet. But later on, she already did. And this is what she said: 
I laughed so hard with her comment! Simple pero matindi. Haha! It was like a war to her. 
I also added some comments, and surprisingly, I got more likes, too. 🙂

Jamich haters really feel the same. I may look like I only enjoyed the issue, but the truth and what all I want is or everybody to learn. Being famous and when everybody already likes you, doesn’t mean you have the right to be boastful and have the guts to take anyone down. You can’t please everybody. On the other hand, everyone should also move on. People do make mistakes. We may not be able to forgive them for what they did. All we can do now is ignore them and let them live with their own lives.
With this incident, I admit I have also done something wrong. I’ve had fun, even though I shouldn’t be. SRY. But haters will always hate. And there’s nothing you can do about it. 😉
I just hope this serves as a lesson to everyone. THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK. I just wonder if JAMICH can still sleep with all these mess they’ve made? I don’t know how they can get over this now that their credibility is ruined.
Jamich, stop doing defense mechanism. You’ve already ruined your name and there’s nothing you can do to clean it up. All you can do is be careful with your words and this issue shall subside. I just hope you learned your lesson. You didn’t know who you’re messing with.
And to fellow lasallians, let us keep our values, shall we? 🙂

The 4-day Getaway : Project Leisure DAY 4

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Our last day in Bora and our tour. We rode banana boat, done panic buying for our kulang na pasalubong then had awesome lunch at the resort. The pasta was the best! Super busog with all the foods. 🙂

Everyone was game for a banana boat ride!
Super duper scared before the ride!
Yaaaay! Banana boat!

La Carmela de Boracay on beach view

With my awesome pals 🙂

Last lunch at La Carmela 🙂

IEE Batch 2007-2008
On our way to Kalibo Airport

Going back to Manila
Franz, Judy and I
Awesome 4-day vacay! 🙂

We’re finally in Bora! The pictures tell it all. 🙂
Ma’am Bonx, Ma’am Bunda, Ma’am Parcero 🙂
With my two Mares. I miss US!

Snorkeling is awesome! Feeding the fish was the best part!
(Kahit pumapasok yung tubig sa goggles ko.)

Strut your stuff! FTW, Dano! :))

Nhami with Bruno Mars. 🙂

Ladies’ feet 🙂

Bestbuds forever 🙂

Rock the boat!

Girls were asked to take of the shirt and strike a pose.
(Wala kasi yung ibang boys. HAHA!)



Surprisingly, I won as Ms. Hawaiian Hottie 😀

Since we care bare the agony of drinking, we decided to leave the resort and explore the whole island all by ourselves. Much more fun!

Girls’ night out!
Wishful thinker
 We had the time of our lives. ’nuff said. 🙂
 We’re still in Hotel del Rio to do more company visit. Later that night, we had technical problems which caused a super duper delay on our way to Bora. We should have been there already that afternoon. But it turned out to be 10pm that night.

Buffet breakfast. Too bad we weren’t able to take a pic of the awesome foods. Sobrang gutom mga teh? Haha.
Love month it is, still.
Kumpleto na sana ang barkada, si Rey lang at Kevin ang kulang!
Insert caption here: IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES! Hahaha

Upon leaving the hotel
Craziest batchmates ever!
It just felt good to feel wearing a supposed to be civil engineering gear.
Oh we just love this something new. HAHA
A few meters away from Guimaras Island
Industrial-slash-Civil Engineers LOL
Old church in Jaro, Iloilo

With my two lovely profs, Ma’am Lou and Ma’am Soc 🙂
Awesome place!
Where bull fights are being held
Lunch time!
Mayor of San Joaquin
A photo opportunity with the Mayor
Nay, Nhami, Cy, Kath, Me, Michy and Kei
Elijah’s on the scene!
Our profs with the couple tour guides 🙂

San Joaquin Church
While waiting for the bus to get fixed
Nightlife inside ze bus!
Just arrived at Caticlan port
Girlfriends 🙂
IEE 51 and 52 🙂
We just had our Plant Tour last week in Iloilo-Boracay. This had been a chance for a break after all the stress we had with our Practicum Thesis. This is my barkada’s and batch’s first tour-slash-getaway. Truly an ultimate experience and definitely an awesome treat after all the hard work. 🙂
Here are some of the best photos we had during the 4-day leisure. 😉

IEE5 around 4am. Assembly in DLSU-D.
Arrival at the NAIA Terminal 3 🙂

With Bebe (Nayra), Mare (Nhami) and Rey.
Got my plane ticket!


Iloilo Bound

Just arrived in Iloilo Airport. Picture taking is a must! 
My seatmate and my kumare.
Lunch time!

Batchoy at Deco’s.

Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria
 There can be miracles, when you believe
The church in Iloilo where we also got our ash marks

Me at Hotel del Rio fixing my luggage after a cool bath

Goofing inside our hotel room

Goofing around with my best buds!

Haunted past.

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I am ranting once again. NAIINIS ako. Not to anyone or anything but to myself. I STILL haven’t moved on to this phase. Well, I thought I was. There were so many questions from the past that still haunt me. Hindi ako mapakali. Parang lahat kailangan ko malaman para lang matahimik ako. I know, medyo paulit-ulit na. Pero para kasing andami pang tinatago. And srsly, it affects me. Gusto ko alam ko. Gusto ko alam ko lahat-lahat. Para maka-move on na ko. I know this isn’t a competition, alam kong malakit ang lamang ko. Pero it feels like it is. And it sucks.

I just want answers. That’s all. And not answering them only gives me more doubts.

“If a girl asks you a question, it’s better to just give her the truth. Chances are, she’s asking you because she already knows the answer.”

Drowned in guilt.

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Was there a moment in your life that you felt like you are lost? Then there's this urge to find yourself yet you don't know where to start? #truestory

More random thoughts on a BV night.

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I think I’m starting to learn that “faking-the-real-feelings thing”. Oh, and keeping feelings to myself.

Too many questions, but no answer. No arguments, just suppressed feelings. Leaving the drama alone to myself.

I’m hate it, but I’m getting used to it.

What the heck is happening?

Posted: February 4, 2012 in Random

Hindi ba mas magandang sagutin na lang yung tanong kahit na masakit, kesa sa hayaan na lang walang sagot yung mga katanungan?

Iba kasi sa pakiramdam yung hindi nasasagot. Parang andaming tinatago. 


Pasensya na, ganun ako eh. Hindi naman ikaw yung masasaktan, ako diba? Anong kinakatakot mo? Tsaka, sigurado ka na bang masasaktan nga ako? Nagtanong lang ako. Hindi ko para saktan ang sarili ko. Gusto ko lang malaman. Yun lang.

Wooh. Ang BV lang ng gabing to.