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A Photo Reminiscing…

Posted: March 26, 2012 in Personal

I’m reminded of my mom after I did this pose. She always does this. Oh, God. I miss her. 😦


Etude Lovin’

Posted: March 26, 2012 in Beauty
I was roaming around the SM Mall with my best friend when we saw the newly opened Etude House. We explored the store and found amazing beauty products to buy. Our purpose was only to have window shopping since our perception to the store is somewhat expensive. But what caught our attention were the very affordable nail polishes they had. We tried some on our hands and this is what I bought. 
The color is somewhat pink with little touch of tan. Only bought this for Php 49.00. Affordable, huh? 🙂
It may not look so pleasing in my hands. But if you tried it on yours, you’ll definitely love it! I will surely be back on Etude for their nail polish, lip gloss, eyeliner, perfume and a lot mooooore! 🙂 

Job Fair ’12

Posted: March 25, 2012 in Random

Animo Job & Career Expo ’12

Future employees. :>

Celebrate Good Times

Posted: March 25, 2012 in the Bar
The Graduates 🙂

Ray, Kevin, Kei, Dano

Hand sign of Tropang KJ

With Mark and Michy

With the awesome couple ❤

With the lovely, Michy

Foursome, handsome. LELS

Celebration of our sure Graduation at Shakey’s SM Dasmarinas. Congratulations to us guys! We made it! 🙂

The Life between Life and Death

Posted: March 25, 2012 in OPRE
The past weeks of my life as a college student was completely nerve-racking. My graduation is in jeopardy. All because of a major subject that puts me into a life and death situation.

I have already dealt with this subject last year. I failed this subject once because I didn’t got the target grade. My midterm grade last year pulled all the grades that I’ve earned during preliminaries. And during finals, I wasn’t able to make it and earn for the lost points. Yes, that was the most awful thing that has ever happened in my entire college life. I even asked my professor if I could do a special project just to get extra points. But all she said was, “You could take it next year. Madami ka namang kasama.” I cried hard after I learned that I can’t do anything to pass the subject and simply take it again next year. I cried for days because I  cannot just accept it. Taking the subject is a complete stress! It was like, “Ibagsak mo na kahit anong subject wag lang OPRE. Nakakapagod na, nakaka-stress pa.” The hard work I put through it was worthless and that I have to go over those, again. But I had no choice. I accepted it.

I had the hope that it will be opened for summer so I could focus on that subject only. But the Operations Research II, the subject by the way, is only offered on 2nd semester. So I waited for a year and prepared myself to deal with the stress again.

Second semester has come and I thought I would be able to do well. I was happy that the seatworks and quizzes we had last year were all the same. I was pretty confident that I could perfect them and earn a lot of points so that I won’t struggle for the two remaining periods. But I was wrong. I wasn’t careless with how the way I computed on our first quiz. But I got 120 instead of 110 which is the right answer. I hate myself because I had the same mistake last year! I ask myself why is this happening to me. Nevertheless, that didn’t got me really disappointed. 

We had the following quiz the time we had a seminar. We asked our professor if we could take the exam the following week and she said yes. After the seminar, we learned that the others were not able to finish the exam for three hours and that they will finish the exam the following week. The day of exam, we were only given three hours to finish it. It was so unfair! No one could finish the quiz only for three hours! The grading system for every quiz was only 0 or 100. And that, I understood, I’m going to fail this quiz. 

I thought I could at least earn grades from my prelim exam. But then again, I was not able to. So I flanked my prelim, and so as midterms again. Don’t ask my prelim grade but I was 59 by midterm. I was about to lose hope because my target grade for finals is 85. You do the math. But who could ever get as high as that? I missed 1 out of 2 quizzes on finals because of my carelessness, we got an unlimited score for defense which 20%, btw, got only 1 out of 2 required signatory for our company study and I had  a situation in my family that I missed some of the events required to us. Obviously, I’m losing it. I felt so unlucky. All my hopes were those extra points from my 1000 survey with Markov Analysis computation, hand written compilation of lectures to period exams, t-shirts and activities of JPIIE and the kindness of my professor.

I am between life and death. This is the last critical subject that I’m dealing with. This will be the basis of my graduation. 

I couldn’t bear the thought of not graduating. I couldn’t sleep well for nights. My heart pounded as if I’m gonna have a heart attack. My headaches were extremely painful as if I have a tumor. I had high blood pressure. I couldn’t eat and laugh like I  really am happy even if I’m trying to. I cried for nights. I pray continuously for days, every hour, every time I feel nervous. I’m losing hope. I couldn’t not graduate only because of this, I said to myself. The waiting was painful and nerve-racking. I was in complete agony. I’m waiting for something that I wasn’t sure of yet I’m holding on. 

The words of Nicholas Sparks struck me as I read tweets from my timeline. 

“It’s the possibility that keeps me going, not the guarantee.”

I cried hard once again coz it’s true. Only the possibility of passing the subject is my only hope, not a guarantee.

The judgement day has come. I was on my way to school when I couldn’t hold back my tears. It’s shameful, I know. But I can’t help it. I was riding the jeepney when I wipe my tears. I wanted to graduate so much. I don’t wanna waste another semester just because of some stupid carelessness. I prayed hard to God asking him from time to time to allow me to graduate. I even asked the help of my parents wherever they may be that if they could  ask God to grant my wish for me. This is not for me only, it’s also for my family. I wanted to work for my own coz I have no one to depend on. 

The pain of waiting increases as my professor still doesn’t release our grades. Good thing my bestfriend was there. I asked her to accompany me to the chapel and attend the mass. There were text messages from my uncle, cousins, friends saying if I was able to make it and march on April. I didn’t know what to reply so I ignored the texts. Still, I couldn’t hold my tears for I feel that I wouldn’t be able to make it. But I’m still keeping my faith that somehow, God will hear my prayers.

After the mass, I immediately checked my phone. There were two text messages from one of my buddies who’s also in my situation and a friend who was in the faculty room. I was surprised to see that those messages were, “CONGRATULATIONS, TINE!” “PASADO TAYO! WAHAHAHA!” I was like, OH MY GOODNESS! It was really a miracle! I was totally shaking and got teary-eyed and I immediately replied to them that I got it. I went to the faculty room and all of my classmates told me that we all passed the subject. I couldn’t help it but I shouted out of joy.

I’ve never been happier! Five years has been tough, but I made it! God answered my prayers. He was my refuge and was so good to me. All these I offer to you, Lord. I wish my mom and dad was here so I could tell them personally how happy I am.

Nevertheless, I can now finally say that I’ve made my parents proud. Mama and Papa, I made it! This is for you, two. I love you!

Thank you, Lord! O-prey works! 🙂

What’s in my kikay bag? :)

Posted: March 17, 2012 in Product Review
Recently, I had this obsession on make-ups and other beauty stuffs which is very unusual for me. 
When I entered college, I don’t use make-up or anything. I don’t even have a kikay kit at all! I only bring loose powder and perfume and that’s it. No lippies or what. Just plain and simple. But my uncles kept on saying that I should start grooming myself since I’m already in college. They even ask my tita to put make-up on me whenever I go to school. But I don’t want to so they had no choice and just leave it at that. 
It lasted for years and still the same. Until I went for my ojt and had a little interest on them. Let’s say I got envy with the two “kikay” people I newly met, Ate Dang and Ma’am Kate and that’s where this blog started. I started to purchase kikay stuffs.
So, what’s inside my (kikay) bag? 🙂

Beauty Essentials


For Powder: (L-R)

  • Careline Oil Control – Natural
  • Johnson’s Baby Powder – Skin Protection
  • Nichido Final Powder – So Natural

I also had Nichido Powder Plus Foundation but recently threw it away because I dropped it and the foundation was ruined. I use Nichido Final Powder everyday and it’s really good on my skin. It gives fresh radiance on my skin and conceals my minor flaws. The bonus is, it can be purchased at a very affordable price.

Blush-on/Eye shadow

For blush-on and eye shadow: (L-R)

  • Ever Bilena Blush Me! – Lovejoy, 
  • Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo – Pink Slate Duo & Soft-Pressed Powder Blusher – Pink Blush 
  • Ever Bilena Cheek Blush – Everyday

What I only use for school (at times) is the Clinique Powder Blush because it’s very light. It only adds a little glow on my cheeks. Just right for school make-up.

Lipstick / Lip gloss

For Lipstick / Lip gloss: (L-R)

  • Ever Bilena Lip Color – Blush
  • Maybeline NY Lipsmooth Color and Care – Cranberry Jam
  • Clinique Different Lipstick – Tender Heart
  • Careline Extra Shine
  • Jellies Gloss Tints – Red Jasmine

I just recently bought Ever Bilena Lip Color – Blush but I commonly use Maybeline NY for little gloss on my lips. If I want a little nudity effect, I use Clinique. What I love about Jellies Gloss Tints is the taste I get when I use it, a little sweetness that makes me want to eat it.


For Mascara:

  • Clinique High Impact Mascara – Brightening Black

I only use it when needed, but never in school. I have this bad habit of rubbing my eye.

Body Lotion

For Lotion:

  • Glam Works Fruit Passion

This was given to me by Ms. Kate last Christmas. I don’t recognize the fruity smell but smells good. I always carry this at school because the aircon makes my skin dry.

I always have it, just because.

  •  Hygienix Anti Bacterial Hand Spray

I prefer this than hand sanitizers because it isn’t sticky.

  • Fem Spray

    Biolink Tea Tree Oil All-Day Fem Spray


For Daily cologne: (L-R)

  • Scent Station’s Love at First Glow
  • Oxygen – Something Happening
  • Felicite – Scent Al Burry

Before, I use the original scents for everyday use. But I realized it was kind of waste since I’m a sucker for perfume and I think it should be used on special occasions. So I decided to buy cheaper ones and scents that are almost the same with the original.

Scent Station’s Love at First Glow is almost the same with J. Lo’s perfume. Felicite – Scent Al Burry’s the same with Burberry. 
I impulsively bought the Scent Al Burry just because I saw it in store. This was what I wasn’t satisfied after using, the one I tweeted about “SAYANG”. It actually smells good but not my favorite for everyday use.
I know it’s kinda weird, but I bring them all in school. It made me think I should’ve bought any of the two above kahit di pa ubos.

 I’m sucker for perfumes. PERIOD.

So that is what’s in my bag. 
I’m still planning to buy the beauty products that I still don’t have. Concealer, eye liner, more eye shadow, make up remover, oil controller, etc. Maybe soon if I have time to shop. 
I don’t splurge for make-ups before, and I guess I won’t be. Well, I don’t know by the time I already have work. But I’m planning to have a make-up collection and will prolly start now. 🙂


Posted: March 2, 2012 in Random

I don't understand why this is happening. I don't know what Your plan is, but I know it is for the best. I surrender everything to You now, Lord. Kayo na po ang bahala. 😦