What’s in my kikay bag? :)

Posted: March 17, 2012 in Product Review
Recently, I had this obsession on make-ups and other beauty stuffs which is very unusual for me. 
When I entered college, I don’t use make-up or anything. I don’t even have a kikay kit at all! I only bring loose powder and perfume and that’s it. No lippies or what. Just plain and simple. But my uncles kept on saying that I should start grooming myself since I’m already in college. They even ask my tita to put make-up on me whenever I go to school. But I don’t want to so they had no choice and just leave it at that. 
It lasted for years and still the same. Until I went for my ojt and had a little interest on them. Let’s say I got envy with the two “kikay” people I newly met, Ate Dang and Ma’am Kate and that’s where this blog started. I started to purchase kikay stuffs.
So, what’s inside my (kikay) bag? 🙂

Beauty Essentials


For Powder: (L-R)

  • Careline Oil Control – Natural
  • Johnson’s Baby Powder – Skin Protection
  • Nichido Final Powder – So Natural

I also had Nichido Powder Plus Foundation but recently threw it away because I dropped it and the foundation was ruined. I use Nichido Final Powder everyday and it’s really good on my skin. It gives fresh radiance on my skin and conceals my minor flaws. The bonus is, it can be purchased at a very affordable price.

Blush-on/Eye shadow

For blush-on and eye shadow: (L-R)

  • Ever Bilena Blush Me! – Lovejoy, 
  • Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo – Pink Slate Duo & Soft-Pressed Powder Blusher – Pink Blush 
  • Ever Bilena Cheek Blush – Everyday

What I only use for school (at times) is the Clinique Powder Blush because it’s very light. It only adds a little glow on my cheeks. Just right for school make-up.

Lipstick / Lip gloss

For Lipstick / Lip gloss: (L-R)

  • Ever Bilena Lip Color – Blush
  • Maybeline NY Lipsmooth Color and Care – Cranberry Jam
  • Clinique Different Lipstick – Tender Heart
  • Careline Extra Shine
  • Jellies Gloss Tints – Red Jasmine

I just recently bought Ever Bilena Lip Color – Blush but I commonly use Maybeline NY for little gloss on my lips. If I want a little nudity effect, I use Clinique. What I love about Jellies Gloss Tints is the taste I get when I use it, a little sweetness that makes me want to eat it.


For Mascara:

  • Clinique High Impact Mascara – Brightening Black

I only use it when needed, but never in school. I have this bad habit of rubbing my eye.

Body Lotion

For Lotion:

  • Glam Works Fruit Passion

This was given to me by Ms. Kate last Christmas. I don’t recognize the fruity smell but smells good. I always carry this at school because the aircon makes my skin dry.

I always have it, just because.

  •  Hygienix Anti Bacterial Hand Spray

I prefer this than hand sanitizers because it isn’t sticky.

  • Fem Spray

    Biolink Tea Tree Oil All-Day Fem Spray


For Daily cologne: (L-R)

  • Scent Station’s Love at First Glow
  • Oxygen – Something Happening
  • Felicite – Scent Al Burry

Before, I use the original scents for everyday use. But I realized it was kind of waste since I’m a sucker for perfume and I think it should be used on special occasions. So I decided to buy cheaper ones and scents that are almost the same with the original.

Scent Station’s Love at First Glow is almost the same with J. Lo’s perfume. Felicite – Scent Al Burry’s the same with Burberry. 
I impulsively bought the Scent Al Burry just because I saw it in store. This was what I wasn’t satisfied after using, the one I tweeted about “SAYANG”. It actually smells good but not my favorite for everyday use.
I know it’s kinda weird, but I bring them all in school. It made me think I should’ve bought any of the two above kahit di pa ubos.

 I’m sucker for perfumes. PERIOD.

So that is what’s in my bag. 
I’m still planning to buy the beauty products that I still don’t have. Concealer, eye liner, more eye shadow, make up remover, oil controller, etc. Maybe soon if I have time to shop. 
I don’t splurge for make-ups before, and I guess I won’t be. Well, I don’t know by the time I already have work. But I’m planning to have a make-up collection and will prolly start now. 🙂

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