Nichido Fan

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Beauty
I was on my way to Lipa when I dropped by SM to see beb. While waiting for him and his sister finish watching The Hunger Games, I opted myself do some window shopping just to kill time. It wasn’t my intention to buy anything. BUT! Wolah! I found myself buying these items at the dept. store.
  • Nichido Make-Up Collection (Eyeshadow and Blush)
  • Nichido Mascara
  • Nichido LipGloss
  • Nichido Liquid Eyeliner

I’m actually not a fan of liquid eyeliner. Besides the fact that it’s messy when put on, I don’t actually know how to properly use it. Nevertheless, I bought it just for a try.

What I love the most of what I bought is the lipgloss. I just saw it from my bestbud, Kei (Bart) and actually loved it. Also, it is very affordable and easy to use. This is definitely a must for starters since it isn’t costly and very much convenient for make-up practices.
I’m trying to complete the beauty/makeup must haves. Still need to save more to buy for more…Nichido again? 🙂

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