Polyvore Madness

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Random

I’m starting to get crazy over fashion since my college-bum life has ended. I wasn’t interested to it at first since I’m just very simple when it comes to clothing and don’t actually have the idea of being a fashionista! But I am inspired by these bloggers: Kryz Uy and Demmie and Debbie Fermin of The Twins Owning It and made me want to become a fashion blogger as well. Though I feel that being a fashion blogger costs much – good hair, pretty face, awesome body, creative projection, very nice camera, sponsors and a lot of clothing investments and money – which is totally opposite of my lifestyle, by the way, Polyvore has been a way to somehow fulfill this interest.

As you can see on my earlier posts, I already mixed and matched outfits which I actually wanted to wear. For a first timer and lack of background in the real world of fashion, I’m not sure if I pulled off those outfits. I don’t know if it’s too overpowering or just enough, but like what Demmie and Debbie said from their blogs, “Fashion is about taking risks.”. Well, luckily, a few people liked those outfits. Now, I’m ecstatically excited to create more collections and eventually learn how to do fashion.

This has motivated me to save up to invest on really nice clothes. This even made me want to work now because for sure, I’d be very happy to do some shopping and hopefully, meet those three fashion bloggers and learn from them. (c)


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