"Happiness" for a Tattoo

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Personal, Tattoos
I looove the anchor bracelet!
Before, I am very not open to the idea of having a tattoo simply because I always believe in the notion that having a tattoo makes you look dirty – inside and outside. (Sorry for saying that.) I also encountered guys saying that it’s “hot” when a girl has one (even my guy encourages me to have one). But like what I’ve said earlier, no – to the point that we always have an argument about this. I lived the life of prim and proper where there is no room for such kind of stuffs. And even if I want to, surely my family won’t allow it.
But as time passes by, I get to learn to appreciate tattoos for some reason I don’t know. I realized that tattoos were never really dirty once the design is simple. That is why the moment I found this on Tumblr, I immediately thought of this as my potential tattoo – plain, simple, and motivating – always keeping that positive vibe. 
If you’re thinking of where I’m going to put this potential tatt, I’d like to do it same with the picture above. 
Here are my other choices:
Definitely on top!

I love this combi of g clef and f clef, I want this also on my wrist. 🙂
IF I already have a sexy body. LOL

I want smaller than this.
Haha! This is cool.
Either here or on the wrist, too.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get one but once I do, I will definitely not tell this to my family! LAGOT AKO! Haha. 

Will update this soon once I found something cute.
  1. I have a couple of tattoos! I love the ones you posted!

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