MALAYANG PILIPINO: Independence Day Concert Story (Part 1)

Posted: June 10, 2012 in Random

Hey, guys! 🙂 I just wanna share with you the reason for my excitement. Actually, I am supposed to wait after the event to blog about this. But WTH! I must blog things out before it gets out of my mind. Well, I’ll be giving you only previews on how did this happen.

Paolo (Pawi, as I call him) and I are best friends ever since college started. We were classmates – he was a Civil Engineering student while I was Industrial Engineering student. I was merged to their class together with our other bestfriend, Nhami. But we didn’t have the chance to bond much after he took an LOA for a semester and shifted to Politcal Science. To make the story short, our barkada is supposed to have a reunion a few weeks ago. But because of their hectic schedules in school and work, it was only us who was able to make it. It turned out as a “date” and not as a “reunion”. LOL. Anyway, we did a lot of catching up and we laughed at almost all untold stories we had for almost 3 years aside from the fact that he has a contagious laugh. We even talked how silly we are when we were in college, talked about anything understand and of course, the “giving of advice” was never out of the picture. Indeed, we missed each other just as we missed our barkada and reminiscing we did is just bittersweet.

After a few talks, we ended the night at Giligans’ Festival Mall for a few drinks and early dinner when talked about an event he went for in Camsur. He told me that it was sponsored by Coca Cola company and all expenses are paid. WTF! All the while, I though he’s been splurging a lot of money but he really wasn’t! Shocking as it may seem, but Pawi living in the world of politics with great connections, it’s never impossible. I immediately told him to me know his upcoming “FREE” events and tag me up because I badly want to join. And there he told me right after this event that I’m going to on the 12th of June.



Ohhhkay. Sorry for that. BUT WTH! It’s my first time and I’m thrilling and YOLO! I’ve never done this my whole life because I was never allowed to. I’ve always wanted to be so active in different kinds of activities but I have no time, NGAYON LANG! So now you know why acted like this. Perstaym eh. Haha

When he texted Laya about this and only sent my name and my contact number, I thought he was kidding – that it was just a joke time. But after a few weeks of that night, Laya texted me about the details regarding the production meeting. Oh gosh, it’s real. It happened yesterday in Route 196 but we weren’t able to attend since she told us that it’s okay if we don’t make it.

We had a few conversations, asked me my email so she could send the details of the meeting. And wolah! Here’s the message I found in my inbox.

Hello All,
Here’s most of the information you’ll need for Tuesday. The rest will be explained on Tuesday when we meet at NHCP. It’s pretty long but please read it all.
Concert Venue: Quirino Grandstand
Backstage: Rizal Park
Band Parking Area and Food Area: National Historical Commission of the Philippines
Call Time TUESDAY JUNE 12:

For those that attended the Prod Mtg last Saturday – 5PM, National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP), along TM Kalaw, Manila.
For those that didn’t, Tiff will orient you at NHCP at 4:30PM. 

Everyone look for Tiff (0906*******) when you get to NHCP. 

*We’ve arranged for pick up for anyone who needs it at LRT UN Ave on Tuesday at 4:15PM. 
Please confirm pick up at UN Ave. Text MAY at 0917******* by Monday 1pm. 
No attire. But please wear comfy clothes and shoes. If you can wear either, black white blue or red. But you don’t really have to if you don’t want to. We will provide IDs.
We cut everyone into pairs. Each pair will handle ONE BAND (see band assignments below).

What to do: 

  • Meet band at NHCP (make sure they are complete – just ask their Road Manager)
  • Make sure they eat at NHCP (there will be no food provided at the backstage only Beer and Water, if they choose to eat after their set, then that’s fine. but ideally they eat before.)
  • Bring Band to Backstage (via Rock Ed Vans, we will introduce you to drivers.)
  • Settle band at Backstage
  • (Once at backstage) Make sure band has what they need (water, beer..)
  • Know what time the band should be on stage for set up (especially if there are delays), and which stage they should go to (we have a two-stage set up. Tiff will forward the line up.)
  • Call band to stage for set up
  • If they haven’t eaten yet, bring band back to NHCP to eat.

*Don’t worry, Tiff will orient you when you get to NHCP, for further clarification. =)

Band Assignments:

Gloc-9: Roy and Monique
Itchyworms: Christia and Marc
Kamikazee: Aika and Joyce
Sandwich: Rae and Mars
Rico Blanco: Joanne and Arlet
Pedicab: Gwen and JB
Pupil: Lia and Margaux
Paolo Santos: Danica and JK
[*.The Dawn: Paolo and Tin.*]
Flippin Soul Stompers: Tetet and Pauliza
Radioactive Sago Project: Jiji and James
Ballet Philippines: Raymond and Jenelle
Pete Canzon: Santi and Mark
Jes Bartolome: Alfred and Jane
Gary Perez: 
Wally Gonzales
Bong Sotto
AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) Band
MPD (Manila Police District) Band

*for any questions re assignments or if you don’t see your name there please tell me asap.
*some pairs may have to take on two bands. But don’t worry, we’ll make sure their call time and set time are far apart.

Please, if you can’t make it on Tuesday please inform me ASAP so we can find someone else. =)

Thank you!
Laya Diokno
CAN YOU FEEL MY EXCITEMENT?! Haha. It was sad though that we didn’t end up with Pupil, Sandwich or Rico Blanco, but WTH, I’ll be able to see them still at the backstage. Plus, The Dawn has an awesome music too! I wonder what Jett Pangan looks like. 😀
I’m just so happy and lucky to be in to this. ALL FOR FREE! HAHAHA. I know Tuesday night is going to be an awesome night!
P.S. SRY for the long post. Good luck sa pagpunta at paguwi ko. HAHAHA

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