Car Ride

Posted: June 11, 2012 in Random
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Yesterday, before we went home, my uncle, cousin and I talked about cars. He advised me not to invest on my dream house yet because I already have a house in Lipa. He said sayang naman if no one will live there. And instead, invest on something useful first, something that I will definitely need for every day.

Which is why I am talking now about CARS. I admit, my top goal is to have my dream house built first before anything else because it’s what I’ve always wanted. I already have plans, the design, the interiors (well, in my head pa lang. Wait till I get my certificate in PSID. lol), all that I want for a dream house. But really, he’s got a point since if I invested on house this early, then no one will occupy it other that me. I mean, I do not have plans on having a family, just yet. So, I’m considering his advice.

And then he asked me what car do I want. Well, for clueless people like me, of course I said “I don’t know.”. But my cousin keeps on asking me and I only have one car on my mind – my uncle’s car, only in red. Haha! Yes. And he was surprised and happy about it because we have the same taste. Ever since it is released, it immediately caught my eye. It’s not like the usual cars I saw from Honda or Toyota. I have already imagined myself driving this car. So sexy. 🙂

He also told me that Mazda 3 Hatchback is also nice when I checked it on the internet, I liked it too! Of course, it had to be red. :p

Mazda 3 Hatchback

Well for other choices:

And that one Honda car in mocha color that I rarely see, and a little bit flat. Can anyone tell me what is it?

This is the color that I want!!!

Well, that one mini cooper is just far from reality. Asa naman mabili ko. Haha. Parang bukas bibili, no? =))

It will took me yearssss of hard work and savings before I can afford these. Let this be my motivator. Who knows, any of these can be real – and maybe the mini cooper? LOL


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