Technical Exam turned out to be an ECE Disaster Exam!

Posted: June 11, 2012 in Random
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Hello, readers. I’m depressed.

LOL. Okaaay, that’s not how to start this blog. But a while ago, I promised myself to write about what happened earlier just let all these out.

Last week, I was scheduled for an appointment (this week) on two different companies – Toshiba and IMI. I’m not supposed to reveal each company’s name kasi baka maudlot, and because naudlot na nga, I decided to tell you guys already.

Actually, what really happened was I did a follow-up regarding my application at IMI since I want to work there and my uncle has a lot of good feedback on it. I made this follow-up in the morning of June 8th and got the response around noon time, same day. Ms. Ailene, the HR, said that I should report to her Friday morning. But unfortunately, I was scheduled to another company for another interview so I asked her maybe if she could  reschedule me today (Monday). She immediately said yes and everything is settled.

I was watching a movie with my family that afternoon, same day, when Ms. Lisette from Toshiba texted me to come for the second (panel) interview on Monday. However, the place is not in Laguna Technopark but in “Carmelray, Canlubang, Calamba Laguna”. The text is pretty much like that. I got excited yet confused at the same time since I wasn’t expecting Toshiba until after two weeks. But the confusing part is if this other branch of Toshiba is in Carmelray II in Calamba, Laguna or is it in the other Carmelray which I don’t know where. So before I confirmed, I asked her a few questions regarding the place when I remembered that I was already scheduler for IMI on Monday. I asked her if I could do the interview on Thursday because I am already committed to some important appointment and I was actually waiting for a feedback from the company I had an interview the same day they texted me which is probably on Wednesday. Unfortunately, the interview for Industrial Engineers are only available on Monday. It’s now or never so I just said yes and that I will come.

Weekends came and I’m still confused which company to turn down. I told this situation to my uncle and told me that he thinks it would be better if I’ll go to IMI instead of Toshiba. He told me it would be more convenient if I go to the nearer location. So that day then, I’m decided to turn down Toshiba and instead, go to IMI. Sunday night, I texted Ms. Lisette that I wouldn’t be able to make it and thank her for the opportunity. Again, I followed my superiors.

And then today came, Monday. According to the schedule, I was already inside the company around 10 am waiting for the HR to entertain me. To make the story short, I sat there for hours until lunch break and nothing happened. No one approached me. If you’re following me on Twitter and read my tweets, you’ll definitely understand how bored I was.

It’s already 11:40 am in my watch and the other two applicants were already done with their application forms. Finally, the receptionist approached me and ask me if maybe I would like to take my lunch first. And since I’ve got nothing to do anymore so I took my lunch and went back to the lobby around 12:30 pm.

I felt so sleepy the entire waiting time. I told myself that if no one approached me by 2pm, then I’ll just ask them if they could reschedule me some other time. I was suppose to attend the dress rehearsal for the concert tomorrow and Pawi is waiting for me.

Finally, around 2pm the receptionist already approached me. I thought I was going to be interviewed, but I’m not. Instead, she asked me to take a technical exam for the Test Engineer position. When I saw the test, I was like, “WTF?! SRSLY?”. The test is intended for ECE graduates! I immediately ask her about the position –  the background and the responsibilities, and that then I knew, the position is not for me. Not even related to my course! She knew I was shocked and she asked me my course and I told her that I am and Industrial Engineering graduate. She too was shocked because she knew I wouldn’t be able to answer the questions. But since I don’t want all my waiting be put to nonsense, I took the exam. She already left me and that she’ll be back after my exam.

Reading the questions from 1-5 was a bit easy since I have a background on Elecs. All I see are capacitors, transistors, induction, volts transformers, and other terms which I am somehow familiar with. But when I turned my paper on the next page, I was like “WHOA! What the heck is this?”. I actually have never heard of the terms nor encountered them. And even if I did, I’m probably not listening when it is discussed. But no, what I saw there are nothing but ECE jargons. NAND, AND, OR, whatever that I actually have not idea about. There were these diagrams and computations which I’m not sure of how to interpret. If only I could show you all, especially to IE graduates, you know we’ve never encountered such things.

Anyway, since there’s no turning back, I did the “hula moves”. I knew the applicant who’s looking at me while I’m taking the exam thought I knew all the answers to the questions because I answered all those 50 items for just 10 minutes. Little did he know, I don’t know what all those questions are. C’mon! Who am I kidding? I know I won’t be able to pass the exam, so why waste time to think? Wala rin naman lalabas sa utak ko. LOL

After the exam, I approached the receptionist and told her this: “Ma’am, I’m sorry po but I’ve never encountered these questions. It’s really not related to my course, kaya nanghula lang po ako. Sorry po.” I said these words exactly with an awkward smile. She knew I was right. But she instructed me to wait, baka daw makapasa ako. And I just sat down in the couch while laughing at myself inside but pissed at the same time.

The woman who handed me the exam told me that Ms. Ailene will just call me once she find a position related to my course and told me to go home.

I felt glad that finally, the waiting time is over. Nevertheless, I’m pissed and depressed with what just happened. I immediately called my BF and told him about this. He could tell how annoyed and depressed I am with my voice.

All I could think about now is REGRET. SRSLY, napapamura talaga ako sa utak koTaena, Toshiba yung  tinanggihan ko! Bwiset. All I think now is what if hindi tumawag sakin yung other company. Wala na yung Toshiba, wala pa yung IMI, tapos I turned down other companies too. Back to zero na naman ulit ako? I was whining like some 3 y/o kid when I got home while telling my ate and tita about this.

WRONG DECISIONS are f*cking killing me right now. ETO NA NAMAN TAYO, TIN! This whole thing is a bizaare disaster! If I only took what I want, followed my instincts instead of listening to what others say, edi sana I could still have another opportunity with Toshiba? I’m not saying that I could surely pass the second interview, but you see, WHAT IF?  It could be my shot. But who is to blame? No one, but myself. Even though influenced by others’ opinions, at the end of the day, it will still be my choice. Unfortunately, I messed this one up. Bad shot for me.

I can’t do anything about it anymore. I all I did was to accept my fate – that sometimes, we didn’t get what we want mainly because of our wrong decisions in life. And there’s no one to blame but ourselves.

But I’m still holding on to what has been planned for me. No matter how depressed I am, I still believe that these two weren’t meant for me because God has planned something better for me. I just have to wait for it. And when it comes, I’ll just have to make the right decisions, grab it tight and never let it go.

I don’t know actually how to end this blog post. I’m not at good at beginnings and endings. (Whuuuut? Not even related to the post. LOL) The bottom line is I’m still depressed after what happened and I can’t think of anything else to end it or at lease reduce it. So maybe a Toblerone is the way? What one, anyone?



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