Malayang Pilipino Independence Day Concert: Full Story

Posted: June 14, 2012 in Random

No words can express how ecstatic I was last night. I was screaming my lungs out during the Malayang Pilipino Independence Day Concert at the Quirino Grandstand. Lucky, I was one of the volunteers for RockEd Philippines. If you read my previous post, you’ll know how all these things became possible. 🙂

Let me share you how exciting it was last night.

Paolo (the reason why I became part of this) and I agreed to meet at Festival Mall, Alabang around 2pm. But we happened to see each other past 3 since Tito (his dad) asked him to do something for him. We met up at Starbucks and chilled first before we leave for Quirino Grandstand. We did a few chitchats and picture taking before we decided to leave. We left there almost 4pm.

The travel time was so fast that we didn’t notice the time. We were busy talking about stuffs and events he’d been to such as this and made fun of silly things and laugh our heart out. We only traveled for 30 mins. since there was no traffic. When we arrived there, we were still clueless where to meet Laya and the other volunteers. So we decided to roam around first, check the stage and took some pictures. The stage is awesome, btw!

It was already 5pm and we’re still clueless where NHCP is. Laya was already texting us if we’re still gonna come so she could find for our replacement. Pawi (Paolo) called her to ask where should we go but what she only told us to come to the second floor. We walked back and forth and even thought of riding a cab when the driver told us that is only a few blocks from where we are. (Actually, naki-aircon lang kami dun. loljk) So we decided to walk further even though the sun is still so up and we’re so exhausted.

When we finally saw the building, we hurriedly went upstairs and finally met Laya and the other organizers and volunteers. There were instructions and briefing of what’s gonna happen, our responsibilities and other stuffs. The divisions per band has to choose whether to stay at NHCP and meet first the bands and RMs before going backstage while the other will stay at the backstage to take care of where the bands are going to stay. Since Pawi is so good in entertaining, he was left at NHCP while was in the backstage. I met new people who are some of Pawi’s friends from his other orgs and camps. Later on, the ice was broken and we laughed at stuffs and talk about the details of the event then had dinner.

Before we left for the backstage, we saw Ms. Shamcey Supsup, Ms. Elizabeth Ramsey, Ms. Pinky Marquez and the other two awesome singers whose I’ve forgotten. I gotta tell you, Shamcey’s stunningly beautiful and extremely tall! Too bad I don’t have a picture of her. 😦

So went backstage, watched presentations since other participants are still fixing stuffs and changing clothes. It was like a live show there. SRSLY. LOL

Anyway, the rest of what happen last night will be less words and more pictures. I just don’t know what words to put.

The reason why I was able join the event. Thanks, Pawi! 🙂

At NHCP for bands’ assembly.

I’m a volunteer! And yup, it’s so much better at the backstage!


The Dawn‘s and our IDs

The stage, before and during the concert.

With the host of the event, Tado! 🙂 He’s just so cute and so cool. Super down to earth! He gets to mingle with anyone. Someone every artist should look up to.


The MDP Band, I think. The only thing I remember here is that they exceeded the required songs and the organizer is just so angry. Hehe.

I actually have no idea what his name is pero his face is familiar.

With Jett Pangan of The Dawn. We were assigned to assist them at the backstage. Such a legit experience!

Radioactive Sago Project

With Jugs of Itchyworms. Please excuse my fan girl pose. xD

Rico Blanco and I before his performance. It felt awkward at first, after hearing some negative facts about him. But it turned out to be great! It seemed like he hugged me tight during that picture taking. LOL K, feelinggera lang. XD But he owned the crowd, next to Kamikazee! Amazing performer. 🙂

With Yani Yuzon of Pupil. Too bad, nakapikit ako. HUHU. Anyway, he is the nicest person I’ve met! I was looking at him already before they played but had second thought if he was really Yani Yuzon or just someone who looks the same. But he was already looking at us and I think he knew we wanted to have a picture with him. When we’re already sure, without a doubt, I asked him for a photo opportunity. He thanked us after and even greeted us Happy Independence Day. He’s someone every artist should imitate. Down to earth too. 🙂

Ely Buendia, 2 feet away from me. He just got off the car when it was their turn to play. Superstar kasi talaga si Ely eh. 

Ely Buendia and Yani Yuzon of Pupil

My idol, Wendell Garcia. He’s the best drummer I’ve seen! He’s got the moves that could make you want to learn the drums. And yeah, I liked him for that! LOL

With Ely Buendia and his girlfriend, Shawn Yao. Okaaay, crop me on that picture. Sobrang panira lang ako for the scene. (sarcasm)

Gloc-9 on stage!

Jay Contreras of Kamikazee dancing like crazy! I must say the best performance of the night!

Please excuse my fan girl smile. I’m just so overwhelmed with his performance. Laughed my heart out on his kolokoy moves. Plus, he is very approachable on stage. Another down-to-earth performer!

Another crush, Jomal Linao. :”> I couldn’t resist that handsome face with eyeglasses. Very attractive!

And of course, the guy whom I fell head over heels for, made me scream like a teenager – the guy who made my night, Raimund Marasigan of Sandwich! An awesome performer who gave me goosebumps while he was performing. I can’t help not to feel kilig every time I saw him that night. If you were there, you’d think I’m crazy. But I don’t care! I am such a huge fan!!!

The only person we didn’t have a photo with is Paolo Santos. Gaaaah! If I could just describe you, guys how cute he is with his “little” dirty look.

And of course, this blog will never be complete without the people behind this story, the reason why I was there on that event, my new found friends whom I look forward to seeing soon on next events.

If you want to see the other pictures, add me on Facebook or check some of it on Tumblr.

I don’t what exact words to put to describe how ecstatic and lucky I am that night. It’s an awesome experience I’ve never imagined being part of. I know, I may be to shallow, but these for me are not just simple things. It’s big for me and these things make me happy. It’s something worth remembering. I’ve never done this my entire life, not once and it’s definitely an independence day for me, y’all! The freedom I’ve experienced in here is something I would cherish in the coming years.

I wish I could do this again next time and meet all these lovely people again. I’m thanking Laya and RockEd most especially, Pawi, for this awesome opportunity. I hope he still get to choose me to join such events. LOL Because at 21, I felt like I was a teenager again. A feeling that I would never ever forget. Till  next time! (c)


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