Different Questions, One Answer.

Posted: June 15, 2012 in Random

This past few days, I’ve been asked by these questions: Break na ba kayo? or Kayo pa ba?

Believe me, these questions were asked by different people. But the most surprising person who asked about this is his aunt (I think it’s Tita Malou) mainly because we weren’t sweet in public. He texted me this and we just laughed about it.

And the answer to those questions are: Yes, we’re still together and going stronger. 🙂

We may have difficult times, misunderstandings and minor problems, who doesn’t have? But I tell you, we’re okay. Yes, we don’t post sweet nothings on each other’s wall, talk a lot in public, but we still maintain that good communication. We’re not just the type of couple who are very clingy or showy that’s why maybe others interpret this as “we broke up”. We just like to act cool as best friends, frenemies and buddies.

Just to make things clear. 😉 (c)


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