Another Rant: Out of bounds

Posted: June 23, 2012 in Random

Okay, I need to speak up. Not because I wanted to, but because I have to. I don’t care kung mababasa mo ‘to o hindi. But I had to point out what I believe is true and make you realize that you are not always right.

So here it is. I was reading this book, Fifty Shades of Grey and clearly expressed how kilig I am while reading the first volume. Apparently, this someone asked kung anong book. I immediately said The Fifty Shades w/ a smile. And then she commented: “wow ha porn yan ah” – these exact words. I was shocked kasi sobrang judgemental lang. But then I replied in a nice way: “Hindi naman overall kung babasahin mo talaga siya.” which is true.

First, I honestly, I felt bad after seeing the word “porn” and how she actually put a negative emotion to her words. Parang sobrang disgusted siya with what I am reading. First and foremost, I believe na hindi talaga porn ang Fifty Shades. You could even ask those who have read and actually reading it. Yes, detailed ang sex sa book one but if you actually read the book, there’s a story in it. Pag sinabing erotica, porn na? Malaswa na? Educate me if I’m wrong. But I could classify it as a matured love story only read by matured people. So, I therefore conclude, hindi ka matured. 

Second, I deleted the comment. Actually, I was planning to hide the post merely because ang pangit tingnan sa profile ko na may word na “porn”. I don’t wanna look guilty, but who wants to see that? My concern is my little cousin and uncle who’s frequently checking my profile who is also curious about what I’m reading. Bottom line is, I don’t want to be judged, like you did.

Lucky, some of my friends somehow helped me and defended me (thanks to them). But then you blurted your shit out through Twitter. Kala mo di ko malalaman no? I don’t wanna say things more, but I can’t help it. I had to blog it out and kontrahin ka.

“I can’t believe that there are still some people, specifically my age that are still sensitive to the word porn.”

– You are much more sensitive than I have been, dear. If you can recall your comment, it seemed like you’re practically disgusted to what I was reading. Hindi ba sensitive yon? You tell me.

“So this girl has been raving on her fb about this uber romantic book, so I asked her what is it and she said 50 shades so I replied…that’s porn and she immediately said that it isn’t and it really is a lovestory lol. Then deleted my comment.”

– As what I’ve said earlier, it is not porn but a matured love story. Plus, may tao bang kinikilig sa porn? I think it’s arousal, but not kinikilig, if I’m not mistaken. Check the book, it’s indicated as erotica ROMANCE. Read my post clearly so you’d understand. Do further research, miss. And oh, better read the book first before you attack me. Baka mapahiya ka.

“and this guy defending her about me not using a “maayos” word. LOL”

– Your words were never proper, knowing that you actually meant it differently. And I do not tolerate such words on my account.

“50 shades of gray is porn and that ain’t bad. What’s bad is the story, the grammar, and the story. It’s a horrible book. #pornisgood

– Mind if I correct you? But it’s GREY not GRAY. And do you actually understand what you’re saying? So you would prefer porn rather than the story and the grammar? Ano ba talaga, teh? Eh unang comment mo palang sobrang disgusted ka na, hindi ba? And the nerve for you to judge when you haven’t read (I suppose) the book yet. Or maybe it’s the first volume that you’ve only read. You might as well try the second volume and you’ll definitely realize that all your rants are pure misjudgment and out of bounds. Nakakahiya naman sayo.

WOW. I actually got Christian Grey explains himself. LOL

I should not be doing this because obviously, nakakababa. Hindi kita dapat pinapatulan only for that reason but you’ve reached your limit. Hindi kita tinitira, girl. Pero ikaw tong pake-alamera. Ikaw tong nauna. And I cannot tolerate it at all. If for you it’s porn, then why do you give a shit? For the sake of “may masabi lang?” Makapangontra lang like you always do? Perfect ka no? I guess it’s none of you’re business if gusto kong basahin yun o hindi. And I don’t need your stupid judgment at all.

No wonder a lot of people hate you. Because you’re just too bored with your life that’s why you keep on checking others’ mistakes or unusual acts. A little piece of advice: Mind your own business.

Clearly, I am not acting maturely right now. And I admit it. But can you blame me? I’m pissed off and I had to let it all out. I had to defend what I believe even though I don’t owe anyone an explanation. I am laughing about this nonsense  now, thanks to those three guys I’ve talked to earlier.

All this ends in here. Hindi ako yung tipong kakausapin pa para lang awayin ka. I don’t like fights, actually. But if I keep it all to myself, I may burst out. So might as well say it all in this blog.

Whoever reads this, I’m sorry. If you’ve got nothing good to say, then don’t say anything at all. I am not mean as you may think after reading this. But I don’t just sit here and do nothing. Plus, this is my personal space, so no haters please?

I learned my lesson and I hope everyone does, too. Being so judgmental can do no good. Same with minding others’ businesses. No body’s perfect. Can’t we just live a peaceful life? 🙂

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