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Trust me, I tried not to go online and blog about me being so psyched about tomorrow. But I promise to logout as soon as I finish sharing you what I’ve been through for the past few days. Iintayin ko lang din matuyo yung buhok ko. Hehe.

Pardon the taglish. I have to make this story fast. Cut off: 10 pm.

So my last week was up and down. After long weeks of waiting, I was officially offered with a job from Toshiba which I definitely want from the very start. Everyone knew how happy I was especially with the job offer. But of course, hindi naman lahat smooth, diba? For those who do not know the story yet, here’s what happened.

Saturday, I had my medical checkup at a clinic in Sta. Rosa, Laguna – a clinic accredited by the company. I had my initial check-up, eye/breast exam, urine/stool test, blood extactions, physical examination and x-ray. I thought everything went well until I had my x-ray. When I was inside the room and was positioned for the x-ray, I had this feeling that something’s wrong. Hindi ako komportable sa position ko, masyadong mataas. Tapos hindi pa ako nakakahinga ng malalim, na x-ray na agad ako. I knew by that time that the x-ray I had was not the usual x-rays I did before. Parang minadali, binasta. Pero syempre, patay malisya naman ako. Ano bang malay ko dun, di naman ako radiologist.



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“Good things come to those who wait.” are the words that best describe right now. After three months (exactly) of online applications, walk-in, deadly exams and interviews, follow-ups and waiting, I’ve finally found and (can say) officially have what I’ve been waiting for the moment I graduated – WORK.

The searching for a job that you wanted and everyone wanted was never easy. I already started applying days before my graduation and did the same for over three months. And I tell you, it was never easy. There were moments when you’re anxious if there will be any company interested in you; when you felt you did good and you thought you’ve got it (the job) but ended up the other way around; when you ask yourself if you were less of a person – not smarter or confident enough; when you uncontrollably feel jealous of your friend because she got the job you wanted and you don’t; when you feel stupid because you think you chose a better company but later on fooled yourself, ended up disappointed; when you’re filled with regrets and you started to lose hope leading you to your lost of interest in re-applying; when you’re confused which company to choose because you wanted the other one but your family doesn’t want it; when you feel so f*cked up because almost all your friends already got a job and you don’t and you even get to that point when you claim yourself as the unluckiest person on Earth. (Even convinced yourself  that you have balat sa pwet for that – which you don’t.)


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The only constant thing in this world is change. But I’m surprised with all the changes.
And yes, I can actually say, tumtanda na talaga ko. 😦

It started with a small confrontation about something we’re both shocked. Until it led into tons of untold stories – from how-are-yous to celebs, school, acads, profs, friends, pets, work, series, movies, downloads, family, boyfriends, bestfriends, enemies, little ones, secrets and life. We literally talked about anything under the sun! We talked for hours like we’ve never talked to each other for years. Haha. 

I can’t blame any of us why this happened. We rarely see each other. Actually, we’ve never seen each other for months. We sometimes exchange texts, calls, personal messages, or FB wall posts. But I tell you, it was very rare.

That’s why I was too overwhelmed to write a blog. I really missed her. She has been (one of) my bestfriend(s) ever since we entered college. And like what everyone says, hindi kami mapaghiwalay – kahit sa anong bagay. 

It’s like we’re born to be the best of friends. No, sisters. Even my family sees that. And now I’m missing it – us being together. A lot has changed now, I know. None of us can control that. But if I could go back to the old times – whether this would mean a lot of fights and misunderstanding, I would. Yes, this may be a drama for some of you (OA, you may think), but not to me. I’m serious. I’m missing her, our other bestfriends and the old times. And automatically, the bar and the originals are part of the “missing”. I miss my old life and I wish I could get it back!

Now that we’re older enough, I won’t say there would be no time for gala. Of course, there will be, still! But I know, most of our time [when we meet again] will be spent on intimate talks, reminiscing and good laughs over some good food. And I’m definitely looking forward to it! 🙂


I missed that and I missed you, Minami! 🙂 BIGTIME!!! I love you! Can’t wait to see you soon. :*

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20. But when things don’t go your way, the universe has a way of working out.

Trust that the universe will take care of you as long as you put the work in, are a good citizen to humanity, and keep on keeping on.

Human Feelings Drugs: Just What I Need

I need a daily dose of this.

How ’bout you? What drug do you need? Click the photo to check  the other drugs. 🙂



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(n.) books

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For those who do not read: It’s a total waste of money and a waste of time.

For me? It’s a treasure.


I don’t give a damn about what you think!

You don’t have a say to anything at all. It’s my life, not yours.

You don’t have the right to dictate me with what I want to do with my money because basically, it’s not your money I’m spending and CLEARLY it’s none of your business. Back off!



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I have to say this.

He’s one of the nicest persons I’ve met. SRSLY. He may be what other think of who he is, but deep down, he’s very concerned to anyone he cares for – even if it could mean a competition.

I’ve seen it already when we’re together during college. Some of my friends and I talked about it. Nakakatuwa. 🙂

I’m still praying for him. I owe him a lot. I wouldn’t be able to answer some of the questions or prepare for them if he hasn’t given me any tips.

Oh, Lord. Please, tawagan sana siya. I know he wants this and deserves this, too. (c)

My June Bucket List: FAILED

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I was browsing my blogs and I realized that I only accomplished a few on my June bucket list. The worst part is, I’ve already done some yet I haven’t been consistent. Obviously, the whole month agenda didn’t work out for me.

I’ve been busy w/ books, marathons and stuffs for the past weeks that I lost my focus on the goals I wanted to achieve for last month.

I also noticed that I’ve been gaining the weight that I’ve lost during my obsession on the Fifty Shades trilogy. On the other hand, I started reading a book but then stopped because I was preoccupied by the TVD marathon – which only makes me fatter!I knew it was a wake up call for me and I might should indulge myself to reading again and maybe I could find a book that’s very addicting and that could make me forget to eat. You see, it’s the only effective diet for me – forgetting that a human should eat at least 3 times a day, on time.

Oh yeah. That definitely goes first on my list!

So I guess I could start, say, per week? I think I could narrow down my tasks and be able to focus on minimal tasks only. If it still doesn’t work out, I’ll try it on a daily basis. We’ll see which works well for mel.

I’ll be updating my bucket list err, maybe next week? I’m still in the my state of “katamaran” to make myself productive. (c)