Most of the tim…

Posted: July 8, 2012 in Random
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Most of the time, I encounter post/rants having problems with “that”. And here I am, not having the same problems as they have – not even having a thing to worry. Pero parang I’m still not contented with what I already have. Always asking for more.

I’ve been praying for this every time I get hurt. And now, God has finally given me this – and I guess more than pa when it comes to that matter. But I feel like I’m still complaining. 

Naghahanap ng stress, teh?  

Sad to say this, but there’s no passion – well, as of now. Ewan ko. Ang BIPOLAR lang.

I admit, it kinda starts to worry me. Or epekto lang to ng sinasabi nilang ganun. 

But I’ll try not to over think this, ‘cos I frequently do now.

Haaay, ewan.


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