Coincidence with the DNS Changer – Virus?

Posted: July 9, 2012 in Random

Okay, so I found this in my Tumblr dash and noticed about the DNS thing in the article. It has always been my problem ever since we’ve had our internet connection. Most of the time, I can fix it by myself by just resetting our router. But there were also times when I still have to call Smartbro and have technicians come over our house for re-installation (their terms).

According to the article – Monday, around 12 a.m., Eastern time (which was 12am this morning) there will be some malicious virus whatsoever – the DNS Changer. It may be a coincidence but I had the recurrent DNS problem this morning same time. I couldn’t reconnect – both laptop and phone. No kidding! I could have waited to get it fixed since the router is located at my auntie’s room and they’re already asleep. But I couldn’t sleep either so I sneaked into their room and have the router reset. After a few minutes, I got my connection back. So far, I have no other problems encountered.

Honestly, I don’t understand what this DNS Changer virus was all about. I actually don’t understand what the article meant – what is its threats, whatsoever.

I care that I don’t. I’m curious of this coincidence or whatever you call this.

Does anybody here in Asia who’ve had the same problem as I have?


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