More than just “the best of friends”.

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Random
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It started with a small confrontation about something we’re both shocked. Until it led into tons of untold stories – from how-are-yous to celebs, school, acads, profs, friends, pets, work, series, movies, downloads, family, boyfriends, bestfriends, enemies, little ones, secrets and life. We literally talked about anything under the sun! We talked for hours like we’ve never talked to each other for years. Haha. 

I can’t blame any of us why this happened. We rarely see each other. Actually, we’ve never seen each other for months. We sometimes exchange texts, calls, personal messages, or FB wall posts. But I tell you, it was very rare.

That’s why I was too overwhelmed to write a blog. I really missed her. She has been (one of) my bestfriend(s) ever since we entered college. And like what everyone says, hindi kami mapaghiwalay – kahit sa anong bagay. 

It’s like we’re born to be the best of friends. No, sisters. Even my family sees that. And now I’m missing it – us being together. A lot has changed now, I know. None of us can control that. But if I could go back to the old times – whether this would mean a lot of fights and misunderstanding, I would. Yes, this may be a drama for some of you (OA, you may think), but not to me. I’m serious. I’m missing her, our other bestfriends and the old times. And automatically, the bar and the originals are part of the “missing”. I miss my old life and I wish I could get it back!

Now that we’re older enough, I won’t say there would be no time for gala. Of course, there will be, still! But I know, most of our time [when we meet again] will be spent on intimate talks, reminiscing and good laughs over some good food. And I’m definitely looking forward to it! 🙂


I missed that and I missed you, Minami! 🙂 BIGTIME!!! I love you! Can’t wait to see you soon. :*


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