My June Bucket List: FAILED

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Random

I was browsing my blogs and I realized that I only accomplished a few on my June bucket list. The worst part is, I’ve already done some yet I haven’t been consistent. Obviously, the whole month agenda didn’t work out for me.

I’ve been busy w/ books, marathons and stuffs for the past weeks that I lost my focus on the goals I wanted to achieve for last month.

I also noticed that I’ve been gaining the weight that I’ve lost during my obsession on the Fifty Shades trilogy. On the other hand, I started reading a book but then stopped because I was preoccupied by the TVD marathon – which only makes me fatter!I knew it was a wake up call for me and I might should indulge myself to reading again and maybe I could find a book that’s very addicting and that could make me forget to eat. You see, it’s the only effective diet for me – forgetting that a human should eat at least 3 times a day, on time.

Oh yeah. That definitely goes first on my list!

So I guess I could start, say, per week? I think I could narrow down my tasks and be able to focus on minimal tasks only. If it still doesn’t work out, I’ll try it on a daily basis. We’ll see which works well for mel.

I’ll be updating my bucket list err, maybe next week? I’m still in the my state of “katamaran” to make myself productive. (c)


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