Remove the U in UNEMPLOYED

Posted: July 13, 2012 in Random
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“Good things come to those who wait.” are the words that best describe right now. After three months (exactly) of online applications, walk-in, deadly exams and interviews, follow-ups and waiting, I’ve finally found and (can say) officially have what I’ve been waiting for the moment I graduated – WORK.

The searching for a job that you wanted and everyone wanted was never easy. I already started applying days before my graduation and did the same for over three months. And I tell you, it was never easy. There were moments when you’re anxious if there will be any company interested in you; when you felt you did good and you thought you’ve got it (the job) but ended up the other way around; when you ask yourself if you were less of a person – not smarter or confident enough; when you uncontrollably feel jealous of your friend because she got the job you wanted and you don’t; when you feel stupid because you think you chose a better company but later on fooled yourself, ended up disappointed; when you’re filled with regrets and you started to lose hope leading you to your lost of interest in re-applying; when you’re confused which company to choose because you wanted the other one but your family doesn’t want it; when you feel so f*cked up because almost all your friends already got a job and you don’t and you even get to that point when you claim yourself as the unluckiest person on Earth. (Even convinced yourself  that you have balat sa pwet for that – which you don’t.)

But life is a wheel. It gives you ups and downs. And of course, there were also moments when it lifts your energies up. You got a lot of initial screening invitations in one day from prestigious companies that you get confused which one you’ll choose; re-scheduling because you already said yes to a better company; getting your first job offer but you turned the company down because it wasn’t the job you wanted – you know you deserve more; getting emails not only ones or twice but many times because they wanted to consider you to be part of their team but ignored them – which makes you feel (somehow) so much wanted and the like. All these things happened to me for a span of three months. But the best thing that happened was I was given a second chance to prove myself in the company I badly wanted to be part of and making it to the end…FINALLY.

If you’ve read my previous blogs, you’ll understand which company I was talking about.

Yes, I never thought I will still be given a second chance. I still got confused at first. But I went for my initial instincts and went for bloody or comfortable interviews. Luckily, ended up making the right choice through God’s guidance. ‘cos if I didn’t, then I wouldn’t experience what I have just this afternoon.

I’m happy to say that I already had SO (Salaray Offer) just this afternoon. The fact that I reviewed the job description, ratings, comments, salary and benefits and found that it was what I wanted, I already signed the papers. I still have until Tuesday to accomplish everything and voila! Orientation on Thursday. I can’t hide my excitement! Sorry. :p

I know this post is kinda random. Parang sintu-sinto. Anyway, all I can say is, BE PATIENT and WAIT. Never ever think of giving up. My uncle is right, I’ll just have to wait for a job that I really wanted. And yeahp, here it is, and he’s very supportive about it. Yay! 🙂 I know, three months is a bit long that you will get to a point of giving up. But God has always a better plan for you. You just have to trust Him and wait for what He already has planned for you. Tiis-tiis lang ba. Haha

If my bio for three months was “OFFICIALLY UNEMPLOYED”; now, I can cross out the U in OFFICIALLY UNEMPLOYED. I’m almost there! Requirements na lang, tanggal na yang N na yan! 🙂

Pray for me, guys. I’m still nega tho, thinking about not being able to pass the medical tests (which I hope I would)! Sana wala nang maging problema. Para tuloy-tuloy na! 🙂 

All the best! (c)


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