Remove the ‘UN’ in UNEMPLOYED. *all smiles*

Posted: July 18, 2012 in Random
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Trust me, I tried not to go online and blog about me being so psyched about tomorrow. But I promise to logout as soon as I finish sharing you what I’ve been through for the past few days. Iintayin ko lang din matuyo yung buhok ko. Hehe.

Pardon the taglish. I have to make this story fast. Cut off: 10 pm.

So my last week was up and down. After long weeks of waiting, I was officially offered with a job from Toshiba which I definitely want from the very start. Everyone knew how happy I was especially with the job offer. But of course, hindi naman lahat smooth, diba? For those who do not know the story yet, here’s what happened.

Saturday, I had my medical checkup at a clinic in Sta. Rosa, Laguna – a clinic accredited by the company. I had my initial check-up, eye/breast exam, urine/stool test, blood extactions, physical examination and x-ray. I thought everything went well until I had my x-ray. When I was inside the room and was positioned for the x-ray, I had this feeling that something’s wrong. Hindi ako komportable sa position ko, masyadong mataas. Tapos hindi pa ako nakakahinga ng malalim, na x-ray na agad ako. I knew by that time that the x-ray I had was not the usual x-rays I did before. Parang minadali, binasta. Pero syempre, patay malisya naman ako. Ano bang malay ko dun, di naman ako radiologist.

Ayun, have I told you guys that I had this feeling too na parang magkakaproblema ako sa medical ko even before I took the exam? I might have told some lalo na sa pamilya ko. And yun na nga, nagkatotoo.

Monday afternoon, Lisette (HR, Toshiba) called me that I need to have a repeat x-ray ASAP. Napaisip ako, of course. Sino ba namang hind, diba? She also told me that my orientation will be delayed if I wouldn’t be able to comply. Me, so scared of not being able to attend and get delayed for a week, I told her that I’ll come by the clinic first thing in the morning (Tuesday). Hindi pa naman ako nagpanic that time because I’m still clueless of what’s been happening. Until ayun, I realized, masisira schedule ko. My Tuesday plans were for my diploma and cedula. But I had no choice, I needed to go to the clinic ASAP.

Tuesday morning, I woke up late because I was so hooked on Bared To You. I went to the clinic and thought that I will be doing the x-ray already. But I wasn’t able to. Sinabi lang sakin nung nurse na may something sa baga ko pero they weren’t sure yet and that it was the radiologist’s suggestion to do AP x-ray view. So I said, okay. But what got me alarmed is nung tinanong nya ako if may history ako ng sakit sa baga. Which is wala naman! I don’t even smoke! And yun nga, next day pa ko pwede magpa-x-ray.

Sh*t lang. I shouldn’t have come. Sana inexplain na lang sakin through phone diba? Waste of time lang. So ako, sinumbong ko sa tita ko. Since she’s a nurse, she could explain everything to me. Sabi, baka hindi clear yung x-ray or may spots na nakita sa lungs ko. They just need another view to confirm if tunay o hindi. So nagpanic ako – actually, lahat kami. My tito kept on asking me about it, and assuring me if I was okay. What have I done for the past months and if I got sick or matagal na nagkaubo. Wala naman. So he adviced me to drink milk and just pray. Pero I know he’s worried. So am I.

I already got my diploma that time. When I went home, they kept asking me if what happened. So inexplain ko. Nung dumating si tito, worried even more about me, said na if my makitang spots or tama or complications sa lungs ko, there’s a possibility that I could no longer work and end up having business on my own. I WAS SHOCKED. SHIT! Hindi pwede yun. Mas nagpanick ako lalo. More like praning. I searched for the signs and symptoms, causes and possible cures. Pero ni isa wala akong nakitang nangyari sakin. But I couldn’t hide my worry. Iniisip ko pa lang na di ako magkakatrabaho, nade-depressed na ko. OA man pero hello, lifetime yun kung iisipin mo. Pero I also had this thought: I was cleared with my x-rays from school, PDC and NXP. And NXP was just last year. Tapos biglang magkakasakit ako? And then I had the same case with my friend too who’s also gonna work in Toshiba. Xray din ang problema. So yeah, there must be a mistake. I’m just not sure.

So ayun na nga. I was ranting the whole night on Twitter. And with some of my friends’ help and statements na it could possibly be the radiologist’s fault. Ayun, kumalma rin ako kahit pano. But I followed their advice. I drank sterilized milk. I prayed all night na sana okay lang ako. Natatakot din kasi ako knowing I could be sick – this early. NOOOO WAAAAY!

I was early today in the clinic, had my x-ray. But the clinic said they’ll be able to release the result tomorrow pa which is my orientation day. And by that time, naka-mind set na ko. Hindi na ko makakasama sa orientation. Delayed one week.

Since I was near LTI already, I thought of submitting my requirements. And then there’s hope. The HR said if my medical was okay this afternoon, can I start na daw tomorrow. And of course I said yes! I felt good that time. Plus, we talked to the pulmonary doctor na kakilala ni tita. He said it was just a ‘play of shadows’ lang. And that moment, sabi ko eto na ata yun. Kumampante na ko.

Afternoon, Lisette called me. Di ko sya masyado marinig ‘cos I was on my way home. I didn’t know exactly the words she said about my x-ray, parang okay naman. But one thing’s clear: She want me there tomorrow, 7:30 am. YES! And that’s it. I knew I passed my medical! DAAAAANG. Ang saya lang! SOBRA. All my worries are gone. All that’s left is my overwhelming excitement. FINALLY, I’m officially employed na talaga! YAAAAY πŸ™‚

I can not just remove ‘U’ from UNEMPLOYED. BOTH ‘U’ and ‘N’ na! πŸ™‚ Haha.

Yun, 10 pm na. Mabilis na ‘to. Madaldal lang talaga ako kaya ako napa-blog. Hehe.

So I’m saying goodbye to sleepless nights no matter how much I enjoy it. I don’t wanna regret feeling sleepy the next day. There’s definitely a big adjustment for me since I’m not a morning person. But I promise not be cranky when I wake up the next morning.

There’s this fear and excitement in me thinking about tomorrow. I hope everything’s gonna be okay. Wish me luck! Sana maka-survive. Hahaha

So DAY 1, bring it on! πŸ™‚


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