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I realized, not everything is about you and me.


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Been there. 😉


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I talk a lot. I do. Especially nowadays.

But I guess that’s the effect of listening to your friends’ stories, you giving advice to heartbroken people and not being able to talk to anyone for the whole day. 

I share every thing I’ve learned, heard and realized even if they’re not about me. 

And now I am alarmed. Everyone’s been asking me if I was okay, or if there’s something wrong. Thank you for the concerns. But yes, I’m okay. I’m perfectly okay. 🙂 I may be stressed at times but that is nothing to be serious about. Of course, everyone struggles because of some difficulties in life. But that’s not for you to know. But I assure you, I’m super okay.

I just got carried away by everyone’s stories to the point that I feel for them too much. Plus the fact of my overwhelming work, family issues and no social life. That’s all. Nothing more, nothing less. 🙂

Lesson: KEEP YOUR PRIVACY. Don’t share too much. Nami-misinterpret. 😉


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Last night, I couldn’t help but cry even if I enjoyed the day so much. All the things that upset me went together – work, home, etc. Physical and emotional torture at its extremes.

Masakit eh. Ngayon ko na nararamdaman. At eto ako, hindi makawala. Eto na yung sinasabi nila.

Why do we always want what we can’t have? Am I not good enough to deserve it? To deserve you?


*le sigh

An open letter to God.

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Lord, I need wisdom.

I am praying for the same thing and same reasons that I prayed for years ago. I’m into this kind of situation again and just like before, my mind’s going crazy. I still don’t know how to decide for myself. It’s a battle between my mind and my heart once again and yes, I admit, I am blinded by what I feel.

I am so scared of making choices, of making decisions which I am not so sure of. I never want to make any regret. But of course, it’s impossible. I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes all over again. But as to what I see now, I am drawn into something that I want and then I don’t.


I don’t know why this is all happening or what your plans are for me. But if it’s Your Will, I’ll follow. Help me make the right choices, Lord. I know you only want what’s best for me. Just let me know which path to take. 

Thank you, Lord. I love you. 🙂

I was struck by my auntie’s question after dinner about what happened today. 

One of my best friends (I prefer him not to call him ex) asked me if how are we in here. I did the same thing since nasa Manila siya and bumaha din sa kanila sa Batangas before. Glad they were okay. Ayun, kwentuhan lang. To make the story short, I was talking to him through phone when tita entered the room. Of course, he was aware that tita was there and ayun, kinamusta nya. Shempre, na-shock si tita. I can see it in her eyes. Malamang, ex ko yun and naguusap kami which everyone thinks na unusual. Though I think she knows naman na okay talaga kami and naguusap parin kahit di madalas. 

The conversation wasn’t that long. Bumaba narin ako. Tita didn’t asked me about that this morning, until after dinner.

Tita: Bakit napatawag sayo si J?

Me: Wala lang. Kamustahan. Haha. Confidant ako nun eh.

Tita: Ahh, akala ko bumabalik

Me: Haaa? NOOOO! Haha. Ang tagal na eh. Best friends lang talaga kami.

Tita: Ah, may girlfriend na siya?

Me: Oo ah. Matagal na kaya. Haha.

Tita: At least okay kayo. Okay din kasi paghihiwalay nyo no? Yung iba kasi eh, pag nagbreak, wala na. Di mo na magawang maging kaibigan.

Me: Oo nga po. Matino kasi kami. Hahaha. Walang bitterness.


I know some people may think na this isn’t possible, na plastikan lang or may something pa. Pero hindi talaga, matagal ng tapos at naayos na lahat samin. We’re super okay gaya lang ng dati nung magkabarkad kami. That’s what you get when your relationship started with friendship. Maghiwalay man kayo, the friendship still remains. Sobrang dami lang naming napagdaanan, okay parin lahat. I just got lucky, too, kasi sobrang mabait talaga ‘tong taong tao (kahit madalas pasaway). He respects anyone he is with and he’s someone you’ll treasure your friendship with.

Kaya, who says ex-lovers can’t be the best of friends?

Love Talks: Couldn’t Agree More

Posted: August 5, 2012 in Random

1. “Ang mag-assume, TALO (kahit 2% pa yan).”

2. “Kung ayaw may DAHILAN, kung gusto may PARAAN.”

3. “Wag masyado magpadala sa text.”

4. “BACK OFF (as in back off) sa mga IN A RELATIONSHIP, kahit saan anggulo mo tingnan, ikaw pa rin ang mali.”

5. “Never borrow someone else’s man/girl. If he/she cheated with you, he’ll/she’ll cheat on you.”

6. “Hayaan mo siyang gawin yung gusto niyang gawin. Buhay niya yun, hindi mo maco-control. As long as alam niya yung limitations niya.”

7. “Take it slow. Steady lang.”

8. “Maniwala sa IT’S COMPLICATED na status. Hindi lang chenes yan.”

9. “Learn to LET GO kung alam mong wala na talaga.”

10. “Keep your DIGNITY.”

11. “If a man/woman wants you, nothing can keep him/her away. If he/she doesn’t want you, nothing can make him/her stay.”

12. “Wag magselos sa siblings and relatives ng boyfriend/girlfirend mo.”

13. “Ang QT (quality time), at least 5 hours lang per week.”

14. “Don’t revolve your life around him/her. Learn to be independent.”

15. “Hindi dahilan ang TIME.”