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August Stress Week

Posted: August 9, 2013 in work
  • It’s been a while since I rant about something. I’ve been busy with stuffs lately most especially about work and so on. Since I’m waiting for hair to dry and tomorrow’s a holiday, I have this urge to write about something because I’m really pissed but inspire tonight.

    To give you a background to start of, we have different departments in Toshiba.

    EQA (Quality Assurance) – handles customers, audit and all quality related
    EME (Manufacturing Engineering) – handles new models, process experts, evaluations, and the like.
    EPP (Production Planning) – planning and shipping
    EPE (Production Engineering) – capacity & manpower planning, design, setup, improvements

    The stated departments are considered as Support group of the department below:

    EMD (Manufacturing Department) – handles operations and a touch of all of the above, but in ACTUAL.

    At least, that was what we’ve understood ever since.

    I am a WIE under Enterprise Manufacturing Department in Toshiba. For most people who do not know what I do, I am considered as an Industrial Engineer of Allegro Workshop wherein we conduct testing until shipping to the customers. My job is to perform anything related to operations, instructions, process, planning, cycle time, capacity, manpower, manhour, quality, setup and most especially, improvements. The bottom line is, I, with my fellow WIEs, are in charge of anything and almost everything.

    Why am I saying this? Why am I giving you a background?


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