August Stress Week

Posted: August 9, 2013 in work
  • It’s been a while since I rant about something. I’ve been busy with stuffs lately most especially about work and so on. Since I’m waiting for hair to dry and tomorrow’s a holiday, I have this urge to write about something because I’m really pissed but inspire tonight.

    To give you a background to start of, we have different departments in Toshiba.

    EQA (Quality Assurance) – handles customers, audit and all quality related
    EME (Manufacturing Engineering) – handles new models, process experts, evaluations, and the like.
    EPP (Production Planning) – planning and shipping
    EPE (Production Engineering) – capacity & manpower planning, design, setup, improvements

    The stated departments are considered as Support group of the department below:

    EMD (Manufacturing Department) – handles operations and a touch of all of the above, but in ACTUAL.

    At least, that was what we’ve understood ever since.

    I am a WIE under Enterprise Manufacturing Department in Toshiba. For most people who do not know what I do, I am considered as an Industrial Engineer of Allegro Workshop wherein we conduct testing until shipping to the customers. My job is to perform anything related to operations, instructions, process, planning, cycle time, capacity, manpower, manhour, quality, setup and most especially, improvements. The bottom line is, I, with my fellow WIEs, are in charge of anything and almost everything.

    Why am I saying this? Why am I giving you a background?

    It’s because whoever reads this that were not employees will never understand what we do in Manufacturing. Not even the people who were “actually” part of the company.

    So let’s get straight to the point. I’m about to blurt my rants so consider this as a warning. You may be bored or offended or empathize me, but we’re in a free country, so here it goes.

    This week have been so stressful. I’ve have dealt with a lot of stressful people, in fact. Butthose worst encounters with such kind of people made me realize what everyone is saying, “Pag manufacturing ka, asahan mong magiging kaaway mo ang lahat.

    I’ve heard a lot of negative things they say about WIEs. I don’t want to broaden the scenario but here are some.

    1. Kaya napending yang *corrective action to quality issue name* nayan kasi hindi pa ayos ang document.
    2. Hindi pwedeng tanggalin yang inspection kasi ang daming quality issue.
    3. Bakit mo pa irereport, eh in actual ginagawa mo naman yan. Edi samin feedback nyan?
    4. Cycle time as of 1:30 pm is 25 secs. Our previous declaration is far from your 30 sec cycle time declaration. Therefore, we’ll stick to the original.
    5. *shows lists of Genba check findings*, O! Open pa!

    Those were the only highlights of this week. There’s a lot more.

    I couldn’t help not to speak nor not defend my department, my subordinates, the actual scenario and of course, myself. They are just too much. They don’t even know the story.

    In my defense, (at least in here), below are my response:

    1. First of, we have major changes on the process that most of the documents should be revised and approval should be coming from Japan. The initial release were not acceptable that’s why they had to wait for the next document approval. And this is care of the other departments, not us. That’s why the revision of OI are also delayed. hindi lang naman yan basta idadagdag sa OI na picture lang. like what I’ve said, there are major changes hindi lang dun, kundi sa buong process. Hndi basta upload lang ng upload para masabing ,adaling gawin ang oi. Edi sana bago pa kami dumating, ayos na yan.

    Ang galing mag-sabi ng pending, eh hindi ka nga kasama sa meeting. Wag makisawsaw kung hindi naman kasali simula’t sapul for the sake na may masabi lang.

    2. Yan ang hirap satin eh, kada may quality issue, inspection lang lagi ang solution. Those were just containment actions, but never corrective. Non-value adding sa process. Instead of always putting inspection as a solution, why don’t we find the right solution to resolve the problem?

    Kaya hindi natatapos ang problema eh, ayaw kasing harapin. Gusto laging takasan. Ayan, paulit-ulit lang ang problema. Hanggang ngayon, nangyayari lang ulit at paulit-ulit. Unli?!

    3. The issue was new build, not repair. Bakit mo ba pinoproblema pa? Sinabi ko na diba, madedetect yan sa next process. Hirap senyo, paulit-ulit eh. Kada may improvement, at di naging successful noon, kokontrahin nyo ngayon.

    Iba ang noon sa ngayon. Spelling pa lang, iba na. Subukan muna bago kontrahin. Di pa nga nangyayari, negative kagad. Tsaka, wag mong akuin kung hindi naman sayo. Akala ko ba magka-kampi tayo? Kaya nag tayo magkadepartment eh, para magtulungan. Tapos tayp-tayo yung nagkokontrahan. Kaya wala tayong growth eh. Kuntento na tayo sa nakasanayan. Kaya ayan, stagnant na lang.

    4. Have you considered the customer label? We have have different quantity of barlines to be scanned for each customer. Therefore, magkakaiba din yan ng cycle time. Plus, ilang bese ka na bang pumunta sa linya at kumuha ng cycle timr? Kanina lang at less than 20 mins? Ilang tao at customer label kinuhanan mo? Eh kung di ko pa sasabihin sayo, hindi mo alam. At isa pa, bakit ngayon lang? Kasi dahil nagrerequest kami ng additional lines dahil hindi kaya ng current setup ang plan pero ayaw nyo aprubahan? Alam mo na ba kung ano talaga ang nagyayari sa linya? As i yung talagang talaga?

    Kaya nagagalit yung VP namin eh, basta na lang makapag-declare without considering other factors. Hindi ba ang turo sa IE, motion and time study, always get the maximum cycle time kasi yan ang bottleneck mo. Hindi yun basta na lang makapagdeclare, ayaw mo pang bigyan ng allowance kasi “feeling” mo, “medyo” mabagal pa yung operator. Eh pano mo nga masasabi kung hindi ka naman laging nasa linya. Tao ko yun, at lagi akong andun. Alam ko kung mabagal yun o hindi.

    I am no better IE than you, alam ko mas trained at laking galing nyo sakin o samin. Pero with this, I could definitely say we’re better than you guys, because we’re not to dreamy or ideal. Realistic kami at hindi kami nagtatago ng problema. Hirap senyo eh, ayaw nyo iadmit na may difference na ang dati sa ngayon. Tska tung dati, one time trial lang kinuha. Hindi ba dapat as many as you can, and different operators? Kaya nyo singuro ginagawa yan kasi gusto nyo mameet yung target nyo pero in reality naman, hindi talaga. Naglolokohan lang tayo neto. Kaya nga di okay yung standard time eh.

    Wag kasi puro assume, alamin muna yung totoo bago magsalita.

    5. May sinend ba na action log para masabi nyong open pa sa min yan. Did you even review the findings? Eh kung hindi nga kayo ifo-follow up ng top management, hindi nyo aaksyunan yan eh. Tapos ang ending, sa manufacturing ang pending. Seriously???

    Yan ang hirap eh, pasahan kayo ng items. Walang direction. Magaling lang sa turuan, imbis na magtulungan.

    You could definitely tell that I’m really pissed. I just had to let it out. Bt if you read between the lines, there is something about all of us should learn. Anyhooo, whatever I write here will never change what happened.

    Our VP always says, stick to what you know. We’re the process owners and executers, regardless of whatever they say, do what you feel is right. Di bale nang ,ay makabangga ka, basta alam mong may ipinaglalaban ka at nasa tama ka.

    Yes, i will definitely fight. Para naman sa ikakabuti to ng area ko and of course, our subordinates.

    Despite all the shits of stress and loads of work, and potential arguments and enemies in the future, I’m very thankful to be part of Manufacturing Department. This is whereI will grow, and learn more.

    Yun lang. I feel better now. At least I have defended myself other than the earlier arguments I dalt with. Shet, akala ko mapapanindigan kong sa lahat samin, wala akong nakakaaway. Mukhang eto na ang simula. Hahaha. This is it.

    Trabaho lang, at minsan, may kasama personalan. 😁

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