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This is prolly the first and last I time I will write about something that was found but now is lost.


This may not be known tonight nor forever but all I did was to protect myself from something that is more painful that what I see and feel now. Since then, every thing is so unclear. No matter how much I try to see things clearly, it hasn’t been. It was too difficult to see the right path at first, but then a light came upon me that made me see things clear but not wat I wanted to see. Yes, it was hurting. But aren’t the clearest and most honest ones the most painful?

So I had no choice but to stay away. First, to give way to something (I think) greater and second, to something that has always been the priority.

I wasn’t so easy at first. I violated my own principles because yes, now is not what I wanted. I just want peace and calm that I felt from the very first.

But after tonight, I knew this has to stop. So I’m finally choosing to stay away from all the pain and happiness as well.
Taking a distance from everything doesn’t mean I am not brave enough to face it all. I think dealing with all these like it isn’t affecting me is one of the bravest things I did. But maybe, life has given me so many reasons to wake up and realize where I stand and where I belong.

I knew from then that sometimes, people choose to do things not because they want to, but because there’s nothing left to do that they had to.

Yes, Tonight, I had a deeper understanding of how and why. It was bittersweet.

Thank you for all the memories.

Until then.