About The Author

Christine Eura Esteva Maralit is a 21 year old Filipina, born and raised here in the Philippines. She is the only daughter of Ramon and Dolores Maralit. A very proud Batanguena who lives in Lipa City, Batangas but also stays in Carmona, Cavite and now sees herself as an NPA (No Permanent Address). She just earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering in De La Salle University – Dasmarinas last April 13, 2012 after 5 years of studying and is now officially unemployed. Want to no more about her? Just scroll down.

WARNING: This post contains nothing but endless self-promotion. Don’t hate.

25 facts you should know about her:
1. She lives with a lot of nicknames because she has been to a lot of places.  Here are those:
* For newly encountered people and shy type new friends, they call her Christine.
For her 1st year HS pals, Canossian friends and for meer joking, they call her Tito Glow
* For her 2nd year HS pals, they call her Eura
* For her families in Lipa, they call her Tinee/Teeny
* For her 4th year HS pals and Galz, they call her Chi/Chichi
* For Quadro, they call her Ian
For her college bestfriends, they call her Tinay. It makes her feel so loved.
But overall, she is well known and preferred to be called as Tin or Tintin.
2. If you can quantify her nationality, she is half Batanguena and half Bisaya.Her Mama is pure Bisaya who lives in Roxas City, Capiz and had only set forth living in Manila. While her Papa is a pure Batangeno who lived and stayed only in Batangas. Certified Filipina!

3. She’s the only child of her parents and claim herself as the only princess of the men in her life.  LOL

4. She’s a petite young lady with black hair, brown eyes, fair skin and looks so much like her mom. Although wasn’t gifted with height as she stands 5 ft., flat. (or 5ft 1 inch, not sure)

5. She’s always recognized through a mole on her cheek.

6. She’s boyish most of the times but can also strut herself as a lady. Seasonal gender.

7. She’s simple yet very ambitious.

8. She’s a winner for being sooo pessimistic. Born to be nega, always looking on the ‘unbright side’.

9. She’s patient and can control her emotions to the extent yet becomes very moody and such a cry baby when fed up. Oh, and when that happens, BEWARE. She’s bad when she’s mad.

10. She consider herself as the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. Wanna prove? Just be her friend, and viola! You’ll know she’s right. Hater? None believer? Please scroll up and check the WARNING.

11. She’s nothing but CRAZY. So damn crazy. If she’s your closest friend, you’ll understand. One of the silliest person you’ll ever meet.

12. She’s a loooot more as a listener than a talker. You have to initiate first the talk before she does. Cannot maintain a good conversion on first encounter.

13. She’s very secretive. She doesn’t want anyone to know that she’s not okay especially when it’s a big problem.

14. She’s a person who seemed to not take life seriously. Always goes with the flow.

15. She seems strong outside but very weak inside. A very emotional kid.

16. She’s a music lover. She sings anytime she wants. She was a former choir member at their church for years as a Soprano. She has done one solo part and duet during a concert at their church and a Psalmist. Although she has lost her voice for not singing for years and lack of practice.

17. She’s a frustrated musician. She has always wanted to learn how to play the piano, guitar, violin most especially the drums. Although she never got the chance to learn them. But she know she will learn how to, one day.

18. She dances but not much since high school.

19. She’s not much a fan of sports but has always loved badminton. She a badminton addict and was once a varsity player way back highschool.

20. She’s loves art wanted to be a designer. She has always been in love with Interior Design and Architecture. Although she’s starting to believe that art doesn’t love her. But she can be creative at times, you know.

21. She’s sucker for perfumes and all make up goodies. She’s been collecting ever since but never uses them.

22. She’s a bookworm. Always loves reading. She has read books such as Man , Woman and Child (her favorite!), Dear John, For One More Day, The Alchemist, The Twelfth Angel, The Greatest Salesman in the World 1 & 2, Cobra Event, Dating Game, Bob Ong books, magazines and newspapers – anything to read! Her favorite author is Nicholas Sparks.

23. She loves to watch tv and movies. Sometimes, she founds herself fell asleep in the couch for watching too much. Couch potato.

24. She’s an internet freak. She can stay whole day in front of her laptop.

25. She’s a pig. She loves to eat anywhere and anytime she wants to.

Can’t think of anything else. Will keep you posted.

Oh, hey! Let me know you have dropped by! Post a reply or email me at iameurs@gmail.com. I’d be glad to read and reply to you all.

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