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Posted: September 1, 2012 in Random
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Hey, just so you know. I’m getting tired of this, of you. SRSLY, you’re losing all of my patience. Kung di mo kayang panindigan yung pinasukan mo, ‘wag mo nang ituloy. Napaka-inconsistent lang ng performance mo. This is just gonna be a waste of time. KBAI.



Posted: August 25, 2012 in Random
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Last night, I couldn’t help but cry even if I enjoyed the day so much. All the things that upset me went together – work, home, etc. Physical and emotional torture at its extremes.

Masakit eh. Ngayon ko na nararamdaman. At eto ako, hindi makawala. Eto na yung sinasabi nila.

Why do we always want what we can’t have? Am I not good enough to deserve it? To deserve you?


*le sigh